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ACADEMICS:- Green Field The CIT School [Nursery to class 8th]

We have classes from Nursery to 8. There are a fairly good distribution of boys and girls in each class. Every year the school will go up adding a class. The curriculum at Greenfield lays strong emphasis on a constructivist approach where the child is the architect of her / his own knowledge. Excellence in Education is strongly emphasized upon. Education for life, falling back on the right path and commitment to do good are of prime importance. We make it interesting for our students. We try not to scare them with the burden to excel. We develop that interest in them at a very early age and assess what they are good at and work on their strengths. We instill the same set of skills in the parents too and we tell them to make studies interesting at home.

We appreciate all the little steps which the students make in learning. A positive approach is adopted to tackle any kind of situation. The teachers are groomed to work with the students patiently and to appreciate at all stage whatever little progress a student makes. Classwork and home assignments are a regular part of the system, without which the learning and the practice of learning cannot take place. We give equal emphasis on the written and the oral work.

Handwriting, a neat one at that is focused on. If at all something has to be removed, we emphasize on a single cut which ensures that the word / sentence is removed and it looks neat too. Reading in all the languages taught in the school is strictly stressed upon.We dedicate class hours exclusively to reading / reading-practice. Mathematics is the most feared subject. To make it less scary and also to create interest, various methods are adopted in the teaching of Math. Practical sessions in EVS is mandatory.

We have large, spacious classrooms where the students spend quality time discussing and learning. There is sufficient space for the cupboards and lockers in each classroom. The various laboratories cater to the learning of the subjects by doing. The classrooms have soft boards on which some matters are updated daily and some things are changed weekly. The soft boards sometimes are decorated as per certain themes and they are given prizes too for conforming to the theme. The Art Rooms are fully equipped to make the learning of the particular art form a joyous experience. The computer Lab is the most sought-after place. It is thoroughly monitored and well connected.



Greenfield, The CIT School, Rajnandgaon, Chhattisgarh, doesn't give ranks. As per the curriculum rules we give them the grades. We don't make the students feel that they topped the class or that they scored very less marks. We try to find a remedy for the students who under perform. And appreciate the efforts of students who perform exceptionally well. After each chapter is completed, there is a test and this is done as it will become easy for students when they appear for the Periodic tests.

There are regular Parent Teacher Meets. This ensures that the parents are aware of what the child needs to improve upon or how the child is performing in the tests and also to understand the child's behavior in the school.